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July 2008

This has to be the remote for people with a lot of channels:


Reading about Drupal, maybe I should use that as a base for any future homepage projects?


@pingfm The reason you are seeing first, is because of a neat feature they have made:

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On a ferry with a hotspot. Of course I left my laptop in the car :-(

via - It could appear like somebody had a bad day today. I saw it on my way to work...

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Just signed up on, and added it to :)


I'm now posting from my mobile phone. I should have had this feature when I was at Roskilde Festival, in order to keep track of which co ...


I have just setup Google Talk posting thingie with, maybe this works now that Twitter has taken the feature offline?


Just signed up for Looks pretty cool, eventhough I only use 2-3 of the services they support posting to...


Back at work after a hard week of partying at Roskilde Festival

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