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December 2009

@c0t0d0s0 So you are finally in luck with public transportation for once? :)

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Just caught up with all the happy birthday wishes on Facebook, now there's a bit of dishes to clean up and then a long nights sleep ahead

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Solaris 10u8 VirtualBox appliance image available for download :)

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On my way home from a night with good concerts, good wine and good company. Looking forward to my bed.

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I just switched my home DNS resolver from dnscache (djbdns) to Unbound, in order to be ready for DNSSEC and larger UDP packages

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I foudn Ubuntu's oem-config at work, which makes it easy to do pre-configured Ubuntu images, which asks for user name and timezone on boot

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Wow, this Trigbag song is awsome, I wonder if it's still possible to buy their songs somewhere?

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