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November 2013

Nice job on the new design for the @copenhagenjs website @auchenberg! It's also cool to see my photo featured front and center on there :)

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It’s cool to see @copenhagenjs among the speakers at the Warm Crocodile conference in the form of @bjorn_js

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FalconSocial Looking for a job with a driven, int'l team in Copenhagen? Data Analyst:

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jacobandresen I found the ultimate responsive web design template: :D

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@jogbert Cool! I’ll have to see if I can go as well

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I ended up using the stream-meter module by @brycebaril, seems to work just fine:… :)

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@anddoutoi I don't really get the chunks when doing .pipe(). I did however just find this module which could be it:…

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I have a script where I pipe some data between streams. How can I get the amount of data transfered over the pipe for stats?

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I count 7 falconeers at today’s meetup. Impressive :)

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There’s no need to limit speaker’s time when they have forgot PSU to the laptop and are running out of power

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@copenhagenjs I think that was regarding doing Node programming

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nypost The ground-breaking British comedy troupe Monty Python is reuniting

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FalconSocial Are your employees as enthusiastic about their work as ours are?

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We are gathering a list of upcoming tech conferences at @FalconSocial. Any suggestions?
I have already put in @fosdem :)

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I got a bit happy when I realized I was actually one year younger than I thought I was. It's however only one month till that changes

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supertroels Is English the PHP of world languages? Illogical, loosely typed, no common syntax but really widespread.

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@JesperArentoft Du må lige spise nogle flere pizzasandwiches så I ikke tager vand ind når det går stærkt :)

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@ekampp @copenhagenjs They were @23video, @steffentchr held the talk and it was about resumable.js:

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rjek PHP in a nutshell RT @dickontoo: PHP: I love it:

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Watching Thor, it's Thor's day after all (@ CinemaxX w/ 4 others)

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@DeirdreS I haven’t seen it until now. Oh well, I’m also pretty swamped at work atm, so it probably is for the best :/

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@brendangregg Damn, that's too short notice for me to arrange flight to SF, hotels and everything. Would have loved another course with you

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@steffentchr Sounds cool. Do you have a page where it is used, just to see how it works?

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andreasdotorg srsly, wtf?

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@old_sound Will do. We will use Redis to get the job done right now, but I think we'll try out RabbitMQ again later when time permits

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@old_sound I just saw that 3.2.1 was released yesterday, so I think that's the reason we haven't tried it yet :)

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@old_sound Thanks, I just found an APT repository with RabbitMQ and presumed it was the newest version. It seems like 3.2.1 should work :)

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@old_sound In the end I was not able to get the cluster up and running again, if I got it started it wouldn't process anything.

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@old_sound No, but I found threads with similar problems but without solutions. When the cluster was under load, all 3 died at the same time

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I replaced a 3 machine cluster with 1 instance. Got more reliability, better performance and easier management

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I don’t have many positive things to say about after using almost 24 hours on getting it to scale and run stable.

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Is it just me, or is there no way on @github to watch a repository for new pushes but not for discussions in bugs?

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Podio was featured on Little Big Details, good job @auchenberg!…

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It feels ironic to be working at a social media company and not have the time to check social media during work…

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Just received a spam mail starting with “Glad to hear that you are on market for construction machinery”. Eh, what?

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We are cracking up at the office from the photos and videos from @incredibeard, it's impressive what he can do with his facial hair!

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ecyrd The reason why we Finns appear quiet is because our language forces us to think before we can form a cohesive sentence.

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I have updated my profile pic to show the support for . Support the campaign!

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@chrisridd Indeed. It's been years since I was clean shaved, and it's a funny sensation to feel all the breeze flowing around

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