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January 2014

stwange I just accidentally ran an SSL certificate through Perl. It gave 40 warnings before finally deciding it wasn't Perl code.

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@nielsbjerg I found the download link in a blog post (, but I was just surprised that it wasn't more obvious

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reybango Very neat initiative: IE7 users, we need to talk

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@jchillerup Puh, det ligger for langt ude i fremtiden til at jeg kan sige om jeg kan komme de

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@jchillerup De giver desværre ikke super meget mening uden din sprøde stemme til at forklare sammenhænget :/

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Is it just me, or is there no apparent link to the download page on

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@bjorn_js I would say it is supported in most (non Windows) shells, but to be honest, I don't really use anything else than bash

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@bjorn_js It has to output control characters to the shell. Basically you just move the cursor around and overwrite your previous output

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@jesperbjensen Du har vidst fået byttet om på NVM og NPM, hvert fald i overskriftet. NPM er pakke manageren, NVM svarer til RVM

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Interesting. So apparently people from @Trustpilot comes and party with us @FalconSocial guys for

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I wonder how many startups there are in Copenhagen which both has a beer keg and a smoke machine

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We just tested out some new speakers for the tonight with a round of Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot. They work nicely :)

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The R&D department at @FalconSocial has planned a themed party for tonight, I think it’s going to be awesome!

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Now I am more sad that I won’t attend this year :(

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bsdphk Going to do the closing keynote at @fosdem, will report on NSA operation ORCHESTRA.… Come, Laugh & Think

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feliciaday If this doesn't strike your heart and make you do something a little bit different in life, I dunno what would.…

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aral ‘How many likes for this touching moment?!!’

Everything that’s wrong with social media summarised in one sentence.

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You know that people are passionate about work when they sit and talk work after midnight on a Friday night over a beer

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(A personal favorite)

This was just too obvious to not do it

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3 meetings down, 1 to go!

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MrRugland Just had a tryout with the Arizona Cardinals. It went great! Grateful for the opportunity.

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@Roerbye Men bliver det så ikke til ?

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@Roerbye Mjaa, nu er et af møderne et frokost møde, der tror jeg ikke det fungerer så godt.

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I guess it’s one of those days today - I have 2.5 hours of working time today, where I am not scheduled to be part of a meeting…

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@_munter_ @mrgnrdrck Awesome, I guess a sum of peoples views on the different paradigms along with some pros and cons is what I'm asking for

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@copenhagenjs Would love to hear about what thoughts you may have when starting a new project. Ie. mobile first, responsive, single page app

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@anddoutoi I guess we are more adventurous people?

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FalconSocial Team cohesiveness really took a turn for the weird this morning at Falcon Social - great minds dress alike!

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@chrisridd Seeing that screen makes me happy that my provider is simply called “3” :)

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fredericalix How ZFS continues to be better than btrfs…

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@auchenberg Hmm, måske nogle har haft held med at få ændret DNS servere?

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AZCardinals No. RT @nflnetwork: Are the Seahawks...Unbeatable at home?

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If Facebook had trending topics, I think the sunrise today would be one of them - at least judging from my news feed:

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@jogbert It doesn’t surprise me, it has happened all over the world today:…

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Here are a couple of groups shots from today's No Pants Subway Ride in Copenhagen… /cc @ImprovEvery

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Post No Pants Sybway Ride coffee and talks (@ Baresso Coffee)

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I hope the camera is recording correctly today, I am getting some great reactions from people on the metro

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jogbert So @jgrahamc’s whimsical Tumblr about code in movies has been turned into an @UsVsTh3m game.…

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It feels nice to make commits where you primarily remove lines instead of adding new ones.

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@MichaelOh86 @madshensel You might be right, but I guess users could get accustomed to it over time

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I expect a huge revolt any time now, as the promised Friday cake wasn't there at lunch :>

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@madshensel @johnmaeda @MichaelOh86 I don't really think that part is necessary, if you do something like this

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@madshensel@johnmaeda: Novel IxD by @MichaelOh86 that is finger-centric vs window-centric:

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gausby Those scroll-to-see-the-story-websites…

They are cute, but I’m not a fan. I think it is tedious to scroll. Please make a video instead.

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r00k When a business-type refers to you as a coder, just call him/her an emailer or spreadsheeter.

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@kevinrose Except that you need a phone in order to sign up, at least last I checked.

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@bensummers I suggest changing --no-check-certificate to output "find new flag in man page", and then decribe how sercurity works in there

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@github: Introducing GitHub Traffic Analytics…” I wonder if this is a response to…

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madshensel ☠☣ • What is CSS for?… via @mrmrs_

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qikipedia Our favourite word: TESTICULATING: Waving your arms around and talking bollocks.

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@madshensel Måske noget du kan bruge? “@IngoJoseph: Colors.css: A nicer color palette for the web via @mrmrs_

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@iamashley FYI your latest blog post doesn't look right in Firefox. "float: left" on div.images seems to fix it

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@chrisridd Good luck - and cheers!

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@mrgnrdrck @agnesobel I have yet to experience her live, but I would like to do that some time

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@jarlskov Er alt arbejdet ikke gået ind i udviklingen af blog systemer?

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joepie91 Best 404 page image ever.

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@jchillerup Er det der ikke sådan en "random act of kindness"?

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