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July 2018

@DevOpsDaysLDN @KateAWhalen I'm seeing a trend of pictures with you having animals on you, @KateAWhalen ...

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It is way too early to be thinking about Christmas. Shame on you Good Housekeeping!

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@Benjojo12 @_saljam I've used a fax to get a .it domain years ago

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@Scott_Helme @troyhunt @JustEatUK Not if you want HSTS including subdomains. You want the browser to hit "https://j……

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Nothing says you care about people like starting an email with "Hello [FIRSTNAME],"

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@Benjojo12 Guess it's because they use 110-127 volts? There's probably a separate label for monitors sold in the US

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troyhunt Is this how you GDPR?…

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@jogbert How different is that from generating Perl code in Python using Jinja?

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@elithrar @buro9 Pi Hole use dnsmasq behind the scenes, so it would depend on the configuration it passes to dnsmasq

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@jchillerup Tag egen øl med hvis du vil drikke nogle, de er ret dyre deroppe. Og så køb en flaske af den her gin me…

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@elithrar @Google What team are you joining then?

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@troyhunt Have you thought about making the website for translateable as well? I don't know……

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@flightradar24 Will it be possible to track the planes from the RAF100 flypast on the website?…

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FiloSottile For when you want to figure out how to apply some macOS preference from the command line, without Googling for hour……

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@auchenberg My biggest annoyance with launching Slack is that the app steals focus multiple times during startup, m……

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@FiloSottile I am thinking a lock which says "Home sweet home" on it, as a reference to localhost :)

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foscarini @Tenzer matches should have postmortems, and players that try to simulate and fool judges will receive a “fine” in minutes for next match

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@smoores87 It just makes me long for when the NFL season starts again. They have realised they need more referees t……

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Why is it there are so many whiny and childish pricks in football? I was hoping VAR would mean an end to the foul a……

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@RasmusHolse Det var mere ment som sjov i respons til "smag på navnene". Jeg følger ikke med i cykling længere og h……

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@dietervds You're welcome. Thank you for the weekly news :)

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@dietervds All the links underneath each item here don't work, they are missing the protocol:

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@dsobeski @smakofsky I read it as Troy being sarcastic about the cost of running such a popular service on a tiny budget

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